Point Defects, Line Defects, and Interfaces in Semiconductors

Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH

M. Stavola, chair; L. C. Feldman, vice-chair

31 July-5 August
Lattice Location of Impurities
J. Northrup, "Si Doping and Diffusion in GaAs."
P. Citrin, "EXAFS and NEXAFS Studio of Point Defects in
R. C. Newman, "The Dynamics of H - Cas Pairs in GabAs and AIAs
Deduced From LVM Spectroscopy."

Advances in Structure Sensitive Techniques: W. Jantsch, discussion
C. Corbel, "Position Annihilation Studies of Charge States and
Metastability of Defects in Semiconductors."
J.-M. Spaeth, "Electrical Detection of Electron Paramogenetic
Resonance: New Possibilities for the Study of Point Defects."

II-VI Semiconductors: Defects and Devices: C. G. Van de Walle,
discussion leader
J. Chadi, "DX Centers in II-VI Semiconductors."
B. K. Meyer, "ODMR of Defects in Cd Zn Te."

Wide - Band - Gap Semiconductors
P. Boguslawski, "Impurities and Defects in Wide Gap Nitrides."

Hydrogen in Semiconductors: J. Weber, discussion leader
N. M. Johnson, "Diffusion and Charge States of Isolated Hydrogen in Si
and GaAs."
S. K. Estreicher, "States and Diffusion Properties of Hydrogen in
Semiconductors: A View from Theory."
E. Cartier, "Interaction of Atomic H with the Si/Si O2 Interface."

Dislocations: E. Weber, discussion leader
R. Jones, "Impurity - Dislocation Interaction in Si and GaAs."
B. Farber, "A New Approach for Studying Kink Dynamics on Dislocations
in Semiconductors."

Heteroepitaxy: E. Fitzgerald, discussion leader
K. Kavanagh, "Strain Relaxation of InGaAs/GaAs."
F. LeGoues, "Strain Relief in SiGe on Si."

Diffusion: U. Gosele, discussion leader
N. Moriya, "B Diffusion in SiGe Epitaxial Layers."
A. Nylandsted, "Enhanced Diffusion of High Concentration Impurities in
Si: A Collective Phenomenon."

Interfaces, Defects, and Epitaxy: M. Scheffler, discussion leader
B. Bennett, "Interfacial Characterization and Control in
Arsenide/Antimonide Heterostructures."
H. J. Osten, "The Role of Foreign Atoms in Epitaxy."
J. Tersoff, "Interactions of Defects with Surfaces and Interfaces."